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Product ID: 99902
Karajen Magnetic Blower Gun Hanger
This amazing new product by Karajen Corp is the answer for affordable and convenient air-drying within a paint booth! Use the MagneticBLOWER HANGER™ anywhere you need it, and easily aim your portable blowers at the targets. Its wide reach and pivoting movement make it extremely easy to use. There is no air piping or booth retrofitting necessary. Just attach it to the wall using its powerful magnets and plug the air hose into the BLOWER HANGER™ between coats of paint. It is that simple!

Maximize floor space in the booth by avoiding floor stands that are intended for the shop area.
*Blowers shown in picture are not included with the BLOWER HANGER™.
Price: $389.95
494.69 AUD 475.74 CAD 349.28 EUR

Product ID: GFH1000
Astro Spray Gun Holder
Astro Spray Gun Holder
Holds Gravity Gun & Filter Strainer. Strainer holder is removable.
Price: $14.95
18.97 AUD 18.24 CAD 13.39 EUR


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