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Mastering Tattoo Portraits w/ Franco Vescovi
Mastering Tattoo Portraits w/ Franco Vescovi
You’ll learn:
• Knowing when you’re ready to tattoo a portrait.
• The importance of rendering only what you see.
• How to render glass, wood, flesh tones,reflections, fabric, hair, wrinkles, contrast and shadows.
• How to achieve personality in your portraits.
• How to make a perfect stencil of your subject.
• How to choose and work with photo references.
• Bugpins versus Regular #12s.
• Working with a rotary machine.
• Breathing techniques to pull better lines in a portrait.
• Detailing with an outliner machine.
• How to mix colors and gradients.
• The virtue of patience.
• How not to overwork the skin.
• The correct way to work with white.
• The importance of touching up portraits.
• The fallacies of white.
• Mistakes to avoid with white.
• Texturing technique.
• Your responsibility to your customer.
And much more!

Franco Vescovi has been tattoing for 17 years, and is one of the top tattoo portrait artists in the world. His shop, Orange County Inkhouse, Lake Forest, California, has become somewhat of a tattoo mecca to the stars. Vescovi’s client list includes Dennis Rodman, Travis Barker, Fieldy, David Wells, Tony Gonzales, Mickey Avalon. Michael Goddard, and many others.
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