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Noah releases the the newest Tron:Legacy inspired Vinylmation™ at D Street in the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim Ca.


Here is an up close and personal video biography of American Artist Noah. See and hear the history and life story behind the artist and how he has incorporated his faith into his art to impact the lives of collectors around the globe. Filmed on location in his signature gallery in Southern California, you will hear the stories and motivations behind the artists works and styles. Director and Producer Willie T has worked closely with the Noah to help capture his life life as it happens at events and releases. Many thank you’s to our collectors and loyal supporters. Your life stories drive and fuel Noah’s creations. For more info visit


Noah was on hand at Disney's World of Color event and had a chance to talk about the history and background of Vinylmation™. Noah paints live and puts the finishing touches on a 5ft large Mickey vinyl for the event and even a large canvas. For more info
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Noah shows the creative process behind Making of Halos. These new Halos are a one-of-a-kind work for collectors to have something that cannot be reproduced and to have the only "one" in the world. Each one is made by hand. Beware of imitators. Noah began this process back in 1994 and many claim its the same product but its far from. Noah creates a depth that no other metal art has achieved. These works herald the good news of God's love for us through Christ. The doves depict the holy spirit.

Go behind the scenes of what it takes to create an album cover. Big B desired to have a unique portrait painted for the album cover. The image was to to capture the crazy personality of the rapper.

Christ Live-Good Friday performance 2010.
Noah had the opportunity and honor of creating the most difficult portrait-Christ. "Painting Christ in front of a crowd has to be one of the most emotional and heavy moments. You think of all He went through for us and how much He loves us. You think of the sacrifice God made by sending his ONLY son. It makes me think of how much I love my kids. It moves me every time. The bar is raised. However, it's not me doing the painting. I just show up and I'm along for the ride. I hope you enjoy this. I plan to do it again and really do some interesting things with the size and presentation."


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